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[HD] AsianDreamX - Get creamy and cum a lot!- ManyVids

[HD] AsianDreamX - Get creamy and cum a lot!- ManyVids

AsianDreamX-ManyVids-Jul 25 2016-29:19 min

[HERU CUSTOM] * 30 min vid; naked from start to finish * Spit,nipple twisting, hard clit rubbing show * First use hands and spit to twist nips until they are hard and ready and make u horny. When u r ready use nip clamps or clothe pins to keep them hard ;) * Now that your hands are free you can concentrate on your throbbing clit and pussy. Use lots of spit and rub hard until u cum. Get creamy by whatever way you want...if fisting needed to get creamy then do so but if not needed then no need :P * After cumming from rubbing your clit hard one or a few times you still aren't satisfied so use a hard object to rub your clit (not any toy or vibe but some everyday home object like hairbrush, bottle or whatever you can think of) * Throughout the vid wanna hear you moan and groan loud as u cum. Dirty talk too would be good...tell me how much you want to cum etc

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