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AsianDreamX - VOTE FOR TRUMP 2016 - 169.99 MB

[2 minute] Hang the confederate flag on a wall. Stand in front of the confederate flag, in something elegant, like you are going to attend a formal dinner, so high heels, black stocking, evening dress, something like this picture: dress like an elegent lady Hold a sign that says: "I only date white guys because Asian guys have small dicks" Please write with a marker so the words on the sign appear very clear. You should have a slight smile on your face, and your face slightly lowered, so you appear demure. Hold the sign before your chest, then slightly lower it to your stomach area. Walk toward the camera, then walk backward, facing the camera, so the camera can get a full view of your entire body. Then turn your body slightly to the left, still holding the sign, and gently smile. Walk back and forth a bit slowly, like you are parading a trophy. [3 minutes] Wear only a blouse, without any pants or panties, or shoes. Sit in front of the confederate flag, with your pussy clearly showing. Hold a sign that says: "Anyone who votes for Trump can grab my Asian pussy for free! Trump 2016" Put it between your legs like this one here: position of the sign Play with your pussy a bit. With one hand stretch your pussy a little, gently, use a finger to splay open your vaginal lips, with the sign between your legs clearly visible. Please let me see your feet. I like your feet, pinion your feet together like a gymnast. Then hold the sign between your legs

5:23 min - Nov 11 - .AVI - 169.99 MB
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