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[HD] little mina69 - revenge of the ballbusting - ManyVids

[HD] little mina69 - revenge of the ballbusting - ManyVids

little_mina69-ManyVids-Jan 7 2016-5:18 min

Little Mina had a slave come over and she wanted to have a good time and show him she's great at ball busting. As she goes for the kick, he laughs at her little kicks, hurting her feeling, she calls for her back up girlfriends. That's right Jasmine and Takaiji comes to the rescue and teaches this son of a bitch a lesson. Don't mess with Mina, She will make sure your balls will get busted eventually. As they hold the slave down, each girl takes turn ball busting and watch the loser slave crawl out of the room as the girls cuddle and hug. Bitches Forever!

Ball Busting, Tall Women, Asian, Big Butts, Fetish

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