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[HD] TheStellarGF - on sale wanderlust waterfall sexcapade - ManyVids

[HD] TheStellarGF - on sale wanderlust waterfall sexcapade - ManyVids

TheStellarGF-ManyVids-May 24 2016-12:31 min

With a mindblowing following already! This is the FIRST of the Wanderlust hiking B/G sex series!I hike the High Sierras with my lover, who follows me with his camera. I drop my pants on the snowcapped mountains by the waterfall. I sit on a vista and rub myself for the camera until my own dew falls. I perform yoga poses naked on a rock, for all of mother nature to see. The 3 day hike really built up our sexual energy. I drop to my knees completely naked and deep throat his cock with a lefty handjob. When he comes close to cumming, I stand and he takes me doggy style and cums deep inside me. You see the fountain of cum exit my body as he steps away. My plan is to produce more of these hiking sexcapades as I train for the PCT. To that end, I have a fund me now page on the profile where you can support my hiking hobby. For every $500 raised on the fund me page, miraculously another video from the series will be posted. All contributions appreciated. All contributions of $25 or more will earn a free copy of that next video release. How I want to reward YOU for helping me with my healthy hobby. This clip was a ton of fun to create and I am excited at the prospect of MORE

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