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DTRS-019 Loss Of Consciousness All At Once Female Customers In The Contamination Of Underground Captivity Cafe High Quality Sleep-inducing Agent! - 2016-03-01

From NY, the wait for a woman who stopped by the cafe of Japan's first landing, put in a series of escape impossible restraint table and mercy useless hell! ! "I was looking forward to Suites and latte ..." what had been expected, Kuzuresari make a sound ... would you know that more than only a woman of sex that does not Koe to pleasure in complete restraint .... Nothing tens of hours to fall into the thinking stop become captivity SEX pickled, words that emits only "want penis ..."! !

ID: DTRS-019
Release Date: 2016-03-01
Length: 124 min(s)
Director: Date Ryuuji
Maker: FA Pro . Platinum
Label: FA Pro Ryuuji
Genre(s): Restraint,Training,Rape,Gangbang,Drama,Confinement
Cast: Nanase Tomoka, Kudou Juri


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