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DDK-110 Main Pig Hut Booty Livestock PLANT Chaoyang Mizuno - 2016-02-19

Chaoyang of undercover officers will be trapped, but to infiltrate the trafficking organization, was there a woman who becomes a "pigsty" to go in order to change the cock wants shy animal, to produce livestock woman training "booty livestock PLANT" It was! Woman who came to the pigsty is not go back to ever again original. Continue to be humiliated the body, unawares Chaoyang that reason is going to collapse. "You know, time's of you favorite food (cock)," "cock ..., early, early Ochinpo please.

ID: DDK-110
Release Date: 2016-02-19
Length: 117 min(s)
Director: No-maru Kim
Maker: Dogma
Label: Dogma
Genre(s): Solowork,Restraints,Abuse,Confinement
Cast: Mizuno Asahi


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