» » CRPD-190 Sparta Lesbian Girls Reformatory - 2007-09-19

CRPD-190 Sparta Lesbian Girls Reformatory - 2007-09-19

Bad things I thought cool, day-to-day of the girl spent delinquency. From that day, which is housed in a reformatory, re-education transformation Sparta prison officer of personality ignored! Anal, enema, in monitoring with no batons rape and privacy, and more girls nurture secretly distorted love, prison chief and prison officers drown in the master-slave relationship lesbian ....

ID: CRPD-190
Release Date: 2007-09-19
Length: 110 min(s)
Director: Matsushima Kurosu
Maker: CROSS
Label: Cross
Genre(s): Lesbian,Enema,Rape,Digital Mosaic
Cast: Asou Misaki, Himeno Ai, Ootsuka Hina, Sakurada Sakura, Matsui Sakura, Hidaka Yuria, Aoyama Hiyori


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