SSPD-112 Slave Island SEASON3 Second Chapter - 2014-05-07

Ayako Kawashima (Kawakami) is competent lawyer, known for people faction. Is Ayako was supposed to be conflict in Kakitani and trial of unscrupulous contractors, also grab a compelling evidence regarding the evil of Kakitani at the end of the study, was the would have been abducted by Kumokawa set to be complicit in Kakitani ....

ID: SSPD-112
Release Date: 2014-05-07
Length: 230 min(s)
Director: Kawamura Shinichi
Maker: Attackers
Label: Super Special
Genre(s): Training,Abuse,Urination
Cast: Kawakami Yuu, Morino Shizuku ,Komine Miko, Nakanishi Aimi