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Uncen Mai Kawasumi - Studio Teriyaki / Studio Teriyaki PT-169 Uniform Bishojo Club: Masaru Kawasumi 2016-12-22

Miya Kawasumi with a loli face that is still innocent still! Such a girlfriend this time, Limited Deep Throating! Cute face distorts to suffering! It is!

Masa chan Kawasumi looking good in uniform appeared in uniform uniform beauty club! Play guillotine on 4P! Mai-chan who was kidnapped where she came out of the karaoke box. It is restrained by the chain extending from the ceiling, and the vibrator is enthusiastically enthusiastic about electricity. I will be pleased with my cute voice whether I'm glad if I can have a lot of pussies filled with plenty of lotion. After that, the cock from the front with the guillotine table, the cock with the back from the 3P play. Mai who can not move is left undone. Three men appeared when released from the guillotine stand. Mai is also impatient for continuous cum shot play.

A cute face and Joko is a Junggu! Visit Mr. Kawasumi's house to assassinate Gasa! Kusumi Mai is not informed that it is not informed to shoot at home, even though Kawasumi Mai is panicking, he is guessed by actor Nori, wearing masturbation, cosplay, special dish, and the last will show off to middle creaking sex It is! Looking at this, everything in Kawasumi knows everything! Is it? Do not miss it! It is!

Uniform Beautiful Girl Club : Mai Kawasumi
Title / タイトル: 制服美少女倶楽部 : 川澄まい
Studio / гѓЎгѓјг‚«гѓј: Studio Teriyaki / г‚№г‚їг‚ёг‚Єгѓ†гѓЄгѓ¤г‚­
ID / е“Ѓз•Є: PT-169
Starring / е‡єжј”иЂ…: Mai Kawasumi / е·ќжѕ„гЃѕгЃ„
Release Date / з™єеЈІж—Ґ: 2016-12-22


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