» » KIDO-003 Urethra Torture - 2011-07-15

KIDO-003 Urethra Torture - 2011-07-15



Pleasure to be insert foreign objects into the urethra. Kusu~tsu-gutta pleasant and the, and the embarrassment that's seen in girls have been put foreign matter. Once rubbed remain stabbed Bukkake in dick also rising comfortably in heaven.

ID: KIDO-003
Release Date: 2011-07-15
Length: 80 min(s)
Director: Inuta Rou
Maker: Ei Ten
Label: Umi Tou
Genre(s): Slut,Foreign, Objects Body, Conscious
Cast: Kirihara Azusa, Itou Azusa, Yonekura Mao, Hoshino Airi


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