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SVDVD-161 Shame! Maki Hojo 12 Murder In The City Pull The Pants On The Machine Forced Squirting - 2010-05-13

羞恥!強制潮吹きマシンパンツで街中を引き廻せ 12 北条麻妃

北条麻妃がマシンパンツシリーズに登場! 電マを服の下に装着してオフィスに飛び込み肉体営業をして保険の契約をとったり、マン喫でバニーガール姿でバイブを販売! 全編羞恥アクメ三�!

Hojo Asahi appeared to machine pants series! You can take a contract of insurance by the diving body business in the office with worn under clothes Ma, selling the Vibe in bunny girl figure with a man secondhand! Full-length shame Acme galore!

Release Date: 2010-05-13
Length: 173 min(s)
Director: Nyu-kaji- Kazama
Maker: Sadistic Village
Label: Sadistic Village
Genre(s): Solowork,Humiliation,Electric Massager,Bunny Girl
Cast: Houjou Maki, Shiraishi Sayuri


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