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Boy, Oh Boy! (1988) Seahawk-Video 10

director Lawrence Jeffries

Bill Hunter
Brandon Wells
Michael Brandon
Nick Harmon
T.J. Stryker
Terry Gardner
Tom Ross
Tony Davis
Vinnie Marino

What happens when you discover your brother is getting it and you want some too?

Tom Ross spies on Terry Gardner fucking Bill Hunter on the poolside chaise lounge, which awakens his own hidden desire for guys. So when Bill's friend T.J. Stryker stops by for a visit, Tom bottoms for him on the white living room couch to find out what gay sex is all about.

Meanwhile, Tom's friend Brandon Wells gets his first taste of guy-to-guy sex from Tony Davis, another friend of Bill's. Tony says he knows Bill really well, and when Brandon asks how well, Tony shows him by fucking Brandon in bed. Later, Tom and Tony admit to each other that they’ve both recently done it with guys and the decide to see if their muscular friend Nick Harmon would join them in a threeway.

The two wake Nick from his afternoon nap in bed by each taking a turn at caressing his crotch. That leads to Nick fucking Brandon while Brandon blows Tom, then Brandon fucks Tom while Nick muffles Tom's moans of pleasure by sitting on his face. Before long, all three shoot their loads all over Tom. In the afterglow, Tom drifts off to sleep and dreams about muscular cover model Vinnie Marino doing a sexy solo jack off.

File Name : Boy Oh Boy
Runtime : 1h 22min
File Size : 968 MB
Resolution : 640x480
Audio Codec : MPEG-1 Audio layer 3

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