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GVG-417 Woman Otsuki Sound To Heal Licking The Old Man In The Saliva And Dirty - 2017-01-05

Grandpa who has lost his sexual desire. It was a long time ago that I got erotic excitement. There are beauty that is secretly talking about among such old-fashioned grandpa who kept such a painful feeling in my heart. There is only age 60 and over, the exquisite beauty esthetician will apply a massage that revives sexuality of Grandpa with full use of licking. Do not use any equipment, tools or oil. Beautiful esthetician belo, saliva, tide, and lasciviousness revive the elderly's sexual desire and lead them to firing. The upper body course is kiss, face licking, licking of the nipple. Lower body course is blowjob, testicles, licking. In the VIP whole body licking relaxation course, as well as upper body, lower body treatment, as well as using the squirting as oil, the last will apply the ultimate massage using MAKO. Of course, there is a business trip service for grandpa who can not go to the shop, we also take care services such as letting me eat meals.

ID: GVG-417
Release Date: 2017-01-05
Length: 125 min(s)
Director: Kasai Kijin
Maker: Glory Quest
Label: Glory Quest
Genre(s): Solowork,Beauty Shop,Other Fetish,Dirty Words,Kiss
Cast: Ootsuki Hibiki


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